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Level 4 Diploma in Computing (L4DC)


Course Introduction


Colombo Institute of Graduate Studies is Accredited by The ‘NCC Education’, United Kingdom, to offer its Level 4 Diploma in Computing. NCC Education is an awarding organization and global provider of British education. You can get more information about NCC Education from their official website.

Level 4 Diploma in Computing (RQF) (L4DC) makes up the first year of the NCC Education degree journey. The qualification is equivalent to the first year of an IT degree in the UK university system, and provides the pathway towards degree completion in many universities around the world.

On successful completion of the qualification students will be able to embark on NCC Education’s Level 5 Diploma in Computing (L5DC), which is equivalent to the second year of a UK Bachelor’s degree, transfer to a university or pursue a career in the IT industry. You can obtain more information here.

Why the course is Unique

In this programme the students will be given the opportunity to develop essential thinking and study skills, not only within the computing domain, but also within the context of business through a balance of academic and vocational subjects. The qualification will allow them to understand and enter the computing profession with the necessary knowledge expected within the industry and the ability to apply the skills to a range of IT-related functions.

The course content is entirely provided by NCC Education UK, and the students will gain access to the NCC Student Portal (NCC Education Campus), which will provide them with the course material, past assessments and other relevant information.

The programme, unlike many other comparative ones will be assessed via a combination of methods including Examinations and assignments. All the assessments are set and moderated by NCC Education UK, thus maintaining high standards of assessment. This has ensured that the course has more pathways towards degree completion in universities around the world than comparable courses of this level.

Progression pathway

The programme provides the opportunity to enter into the ‘Level 5’ Diploma in Computing , which is equivalent to the 2nd year of a British University Honours Degree, or direct entry into the second year of a University.

Career Opportunities


Entry Qualifications

To enter into this course the students must fulfill the following entry requirements
– 5 Passes in GCE/OL – Including credits for Mathematics and English
– At least one pass in GCE/AL (Any subject stream)
– NCC Level 3 Diploma in Computing
* Students with alternative qualifications will be considered on a case by case basis and will be subject to approval by NCC Education , UK.

Course Modules/Subjects


Module Description
Skills for Computing This module provides essential skills
required by computing students. The skills taught include study,
presentation, report-writing and data handling skills. It will prepare
students for successful outcomes in their studies and provide them with
skills that can be applied in the workplace.>
Computer Networks This module helps students to develop a
good understanding of basic theory and useful practical skills of
networking and communication that are vital in today’s connected world.
Computer Systems This module addresses the development of
practical skills in the configuration, maintenance, fault finding and
trouble-shooting of modern computer systems and develops knowledge of
computer architecture.
Designing and Developing a Website This module provides students with the
practical skills required in website design such as understanding of
mark-up languages, style sheets, design techniques and testing.
Databases This module provides students with
thorough training in practical techniques for the design and development
of database systems and develops a sound understanding of the
underpinning theory
Designing and Developing Object-Oriented Computer Programmes This module provides students with a
thorough grounding in programming methods, and a detailed knowledge of
developing programs using C#.
Software Development Techniques This module addresses the wider issues
of software development together with a language-independent survey of
useful data structures and algorithms.
Office Solutions Development This module teaches students to develop
practical skills in the automation of common office applications to
support a variety of tasks.


Assessments for all units are offered in a number of assessment cycles throughout the year. All units are assessed by assignments and/or examinations.

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