Success Stories

Hi, I’m Damith, a past student from Cornell Institute of Business and Technology (CIBT). I am holder of the NZ residency status and am currently working as a permanent Full time ICT Engineer at Motor One, an IT solutions providing Company in New Zealand. My main contribution to the Company being an application I developed to convert the fuel consumptions system of vehicles imported to NZ. After 3 months of probation, I was made permanent which assisted my application towards Permanent Residency in NZ. My journey to NZ residency started with my application to CIBT. I selected the Level 7 Diploma in Networking Technology Management as my study programme with guidance from Rivil International, an NZ specialist agent in Sri Lanka. Careers in ICT are in the demanded category in NZ, and selecting the above mentioned programme was the best choice with regards to my educational background during the time of my application. “iCareer”, a student recruitment service at CIBT helped me find my employment at NZ. I was able to immediately start employment at Motor One during my Graduate Job search VISA after my completion of studies. Thus my Success story began.

Damith Asanka De Silva

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